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HIPAA Compliant, Secure, & Encrypted Vaccine Validation

VaxYes uses AES 256Bit encryption to make sure your personal information is secure in a HIPAA compliant environment.

VaxYes issues digital vaccine certificates with 4 levels of verification.

Personal Identification
We confirm and validate the identity of the person submitting the vaccine card to make sure they are the right person receiving the digital vaccine certificate.
Information Verification
We've verified the information presented in your vaccine card and your personal identification.
Image Verification
We use Artificial Intelligence and trained medical professionals to verify the validity of the vaccine card photo submitted.
State-Level Record Validation
We use state immunization records to verify the information entered into VaxYes.  

Present your digital certificate as needed, anywhere.

You can use your digital vaccine certificate to present for travel, concerts, restaurants, or any place requesting proof of vaccination.

How does VaxYes work?


GoGet, Inc, is a Silicon Valley based, venture backed digital health company primarily focused on building the next generation citizen powered public health operating system.

To date, we've delivered digitally unified Covid-19
testing to over 1M Citizens. We've also helped over 15,000 citizens get vaccinated through GoGetVax.
Is my information secure?
We take data security very seriously. We use military-grade encryption to make sure all user data is secure. Our entire platform is HIPAA compliant.
What do you do with my personal identification after verifying?
After the level 2 verification is complete, we delete all personal IDs.
What do you do with my vaccine card after submitting?
The vaccine card is connected to your digital certificate. The card is stored on a military-grade encrypted cloud environment that's HIPAA compliant.
Can I add my digital vaccine card to digital wallet?
Yes! We're adding integration with Apple Wallet and Google Pay so you can add the digital vaccine card to your digital wallet.
Is this legit?
Yes! GoGet, Inc has built an entire covid-19 response. We tested over 1 million people, and vaccinated over 15,000. We created this service to help people secure their digital vaccine card and present it as needed.
Where can I use my digital vaccine card?
You can use it any time you're requested to present proof of vaccination. This can be for things like travel, work, school, concerts, and restaurants.
Why do I need to send my I.D.?
Our team and A.I. reviews personal I.D.s to make sure the person submitting and requesting is the same person. We use this for level 2 verification.
What if I only had one dose?
Our digital vaccine certificate can be created for one dose and then updated for your 2nd dose.
Why did you create this service?
We want to help people have a digital vaccine card that they can use and present so they don't have to worry about losing their paper card.
What other companies are you partnering with?
We are working with many companies to integrate the VaxYes card into more systems. Stay tuned!

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