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The easiest way to vaccinate your community

Public health is local.

Rapidly deploy and manage vaccine administration in your community.

How does it work?

Everything you need to run a successful vaccine program.

Simple scheduling.
Designed from the ground-up for Covid-19 scheduling for multiple doses.
A complete vaccine Experience.
Scheduling, administration, and certification all in one experience.
Easy reporting.
Quickly manage and export your patient data for any federal and state reporting
Better Citizen Notifications

Notify your community when it's time to vaccinate.

GoGetVax makes it easy to notify your community through secure digital notifications when it's time to register for their first dose, and come back for their 2nd dose.

GoGetVax also notifies citizens of operational changes such as change of location and inventory updates.
Get Vaccinated

Integrated digital vaccination certifications.

After each dose, GoGetVax provides a digital vaccination record which patients can add to their digital wallets.

For the local government, records can be quickly exported and made ready to upload into required reporting platforms, all with military grade encryption
Advanced Scheduling

Centralized scheduling, for all communities.

GoGetVax streamlines scheduling for any community.

Schedule and prioritize vaccination appointments with integrated screening to determine eligibility, digital consents, and cohort management to vaccinate those who've registered in your community.
"GoGetVax made it so simple to vaccinate our community. We quickly sent a notification to 3,000 residents, they registered, and we were able to vaccinate, all in a week!"
Barbara Neville
Emergency Management, Rockwall County, TX
easiest way to get vaccinated
Helping you help your community

Why GoGetVax?

  • Complete Appointment Management
  • Mobile First Experience
  • Patient Screening
  • Cohort Management
  • Insurance Verification
  • Real-time Reporting
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Bringing normal back to our communities,

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How are you screening patients for the Covid-19 vaccines? 
Before scheduling an appointment, individuals will be asked eligibilty questions inline with the CDC’s Pre-Vaccination checklist.
How many patients can register at my location?
Vaccines are administered by a practitYou can control the number of registration slots available at your location.ioner at the clinic during your appointment.
Who will be paying for the vaccine?
Vaccine providers are  reimbursed by the patient’s insurance company. For uninsured patients, claims can be sumbitted to the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Provider Relief Fund.
How much does GGV cost?
Contact us for more information on pricing by emailing
Will I have access to my patients’ records?
You will have access to the list of patients who have registered to receive the vaccination at your clinic, along with answers to their questionnaire.
How do we make sure patients return for the 2nd dose?
GoGetVax provides a sophisticated communication engine to remind patients of their appointments. Patients will not receive a completed immunization report from you, the provider, until the 2nd dose is administered. 
What is expected from me after the patient completes the 2nd dose?
GoGetVax allows you to manage patients to completion of their 2nd COVID-19 vaccine dose. However, each State and local government has specific reporting requirements related to administration and patient reactions. Please follow up with your local guidelines for reporting requirements. GoGetVax makes it easy to download and submit records to fulfill all reporting requirements.
Why should I use GGV over my existing EHR?
GoGetVax (GGV) is an evolution of GoGetTested, where we solved one problem, seamlessly connecting patients with test centers, labs, and results. GGV is part of our mission to making reliable healthcare accessible for all. While an EHR is great for managing normal processes, vaccine management and administration, at scale, requires better software solutions.  
Is GoGetVax Hipaa compliant?
Yes it is, GoGetVax is HIPAA compliant with military grade 256bit encryption.

Providers, this is for
you too.

Empower your patients, and your staff.

GoGetDoc offers a series of solutions to help you navigate testing and vaccine delivery.